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MOD tools help users take photos, process, and playback 3D. Using AI for mind-blowing digital content in less time.

Before After 3D model Texture Optimization before processing3D model Texture optimization after processing

Texture Optimization

Reduce the data size of a texture map without losing vital texture details. Using a convolution neural network (CNN), the MOD platform automatically scales textures and applies edge cleanup and optical crisping in order to retain an asset’s visual quality.

Before After Texture reprojection before processingTexture reprojection after processing

Texture Reprojection

Increase the resolution of an asset without increasing the size of the model. The MOD platform uses machine learning to automatically determine the best raycasting distance to which original textures are cast onto optimized or augmented assets.

Before After Remeshing 3D Model before processingRemeshing 3D model after processing


Automatically clean and optimize models using the MOD platform’s advanced machine learning algorithms—utilizing optical flow maps and silhouette retaining optimization with quadrated output.

Mesh Decimation 3D models

Mesh Decimation

Reduce the mesh size and technical cost of an asset. Using an automated point and edge reduction algorithm, the MOD platform reduces meshed face count.

Before After Mesh smoothing before processingMesh Smoothing after processing

Mesh Smoothing

The MOD platform uses automated algorithms to automatically smooth mesh edges while ensuring texture and silhouette retention in order to increase a 3D model’s visual clarity and fidelity.

Before After Level of Detail LOD before processingLevel of Detail LOD after processing


Create limitless levels of detail for any asset. Adjust the desired mesh and texture sizes of each LOD and automatically create all of the assets you need for your project at once.

Before After Voxelization before processingVoxelization after processing


View point cloud volumes in real-time. Using the point positions of a cloud, the MOD platform automatically replaces original point cloud data with cubes (voxelization) allowing for seamless visualization in a surface shading engine or viewer.

Before After Point Cloud Cleaning before processingPoint Cloud Cleaning after processing

Point Cloud Cleanup

Automatically clean up point cloud data. Using machine learning algorithms, the MOD platform cleans up unwanted points of a cloud, zeroing in on the intended capture subject, to make it a readily usable asset.

Before After Point Cloud to Mesh processingPoint Cloud to Mesh processing

Point Cloud to Mesh

Automatically generate a mesh asset from point cloud data. Using proprietary algorithms, the MOD platform generates a 3D model of a point cloud for more seamless viewing capabilities.

glTF model for web viewing
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glTF Integration

Easily view and use 3D models on the web. Automatically create or convert 3D models into highly optimized web playback file formats.

NIRA visualization with MOD cloud software

NIRA Visualization

Automatically optimize and upload heavy 3D assets directly to NIRA through the MOD platform for seamless web viewing and interactive model inspection.

View 3D models Sketchfab
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Sketchfab Visualization

With one click, optimize and upload 3D models directly to Sketchfab through the MOD platform for easy web showcasing, annotations, and interactivity.

Automation for every task.


To begin, you’ll upload captured images, videos, or pre-existing model data to our secure, private web portal. From there, our AI-powered platform performs your desired production tasks automatically in our private cloud. You then download the finalized, usable asset as an open file type, ready to integrate into any program, platform, or device—fitting seamlessly into your existing workflow.

Our Essential plan starts at $20/month and includes two automation processes each month. A process is when you apply one of our tools (e.g., mesh creation, texture optimization, point cloud cleaning, etc) to your uploaded files. Our Advanced ($30/month) and Professional ($100/month) plans allow for more processes with larger file sizes and are great for business customers. We also offer Enterprise plans for companies who have custom needs, such as full API access and dedicated support staff. Please see our Pricing page for a list of each plan’s features.

Other photogrammetry software uses older, traditional processing solutions that rely on your computing power. We use advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to process creative and visual effects (VFX) in the cloud. Our automated processing gives us the ability to run multiple automation processes at one time, removing system bottlenecks, and finishing projects up to 99% faster than traditional linear solutions.

From the initial image analysis to the final optimization of assets, every part of our process involves some form of Machine Learning. We use Computer Vision to detect points of interest, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate point clouds and meshes, and even advanced, automated processes to perform color correction, noise reduction, and other everyday post-production tasks.

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